The Friends of Lockington School has Registered Charity Status and is run by the Committee including parents and carers of pupils at the school.

The Friends hold fund-raising events throughout the year to raise money which is then used by the Friends and the School to enhance the activities / trips / outings, and to pay for buses for trips that are arranged for the children in the school.  Some of these buses cost in excess of £300.00 a trip!

The Friends of Lockington School have had a very successful fund-raising year this year raising a magnificent amount of over £3000.00 – the majority of this amount has already been used or allocated to be used for various events within the school.

Fund-raising Activities that we hosted in the last year:

Car Boot Sales

Children’s Disco’s

Beetle Drive

Non Uniform Days

Vintage Tea Party

Christmas Fair

Bags 2 School Collections

Christmas Hamper Raffle

Fashion Show


What the Friends have used the money for in the last school year:


£1500.00 contribution towards the KS2 Residential Trip

Bus to the Big Sing in Bridlington

Dalby Forest Trip for KS1 whilst KS2 on their Residential Trip

Arrange the Donation of a Christmas Tree for the School

Arrange the Annual Christmas Party with Selection Box Gift for all the Children

Purchase of Year 6 Leavers Gift

Pay for the Whole School to visit the Christmas Pantomime at Bridlington Spa

Purchase of 2 New Laptops to be used in School

Bus to Longcroft Showcase at Hull City Hall

Bus for Horrible Science Trip

Bus for whole school trip to Eden Camp

Purchase of a New Water Boiler

Purchase of a New Electric 2 Ring Hob

Purchase of Identification Wrist Bands for School Trips

Arranged the Donation of a new Friends Shed for their storage use (Wickes)


The Friends provide all our New Starters with a Book Bag and a PE Bag as a gift to welcome them to our School.

Perhaps you will not be aware but a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to arrange all the activities that the Friends arrange/provide for the Children within the School.  All of this work is done by the members of the Friends Committee.  Be it organising posters / advertising the events that we are holding / producing flyers for our Car Boot Sales / shopping for supplies / telephone calls / emails / endless amounts of time talking about and arranging to make things to happen for all the Children in the School.

The Friends would like to thanks those who have supported them over the last year – if anyone would be interested in giving a little of their time to further enhance the activities and fund-raising events that the Friends host then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Friends Committee or any of the teachers at school.