Payment for School Meals, Breakfast Club and After School club should be paid when booking or ideally on the Monday of the week of the agreed charges.

Cash, cheque, debit and credit card payments for school meals, Breakfast Club, After School Club and visits are all accepted.

We also have an electronic payment system in place where all parents are sent an initial password and log in details.  Payments can be put on account.

Should there be any difficulties in paying, please contact the School Office and this be handled confidentially and discreetly.

In case the debts become outstanding, the following procedure will be followed:

  • Prior to debts reaching £75.00, a note and a text reminder will be sent;
  • If this is unsuccessful, an invoice will be issued to retrieve the monies;
  • If the debt reaches £75.00 a formal letter will be sent to settle the account;
  • If the debt reaches £100 or over, a letter will be sent outlining that services, such as School Meals, Breakfast and After School Clubs will be suspended.
  • If debts ore not paid within 28 days from the invoice, the invoice will be referred to the East Riding Local Authority to be recovered.