Please inform us if your child is ill and unable to attend school.  School will contact you for information, normally by 9.45 am on the first day of absence, if you have not contacted us to say why your child is not at school.  This is part of our safeguarding measures. 

Parent’s Quick Guide

If your child has a medical appointment or is considered too ill to attend school, please follow the following procedure:

  • Day 1 of absence – inform the school before the end of registration (9.05 am) of the reason for your child’s absence, giving any medical advice received and when you expect your child to return.
  • Day 3 of absence – update us on your child’s progress, any medical advice given and information about when your child will return to school if this has changed from the initial information.
  • Day 5 onward – update the school of your child’s progress regularly.  Any absence of five days or more should be supported by medical evidence.

To find our more about more, please read the Parents Information Leaflet.

Head Lice Information